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Professional Service

Our professional service provides the help to your (European) company to export your products or solutions to Korea.

Our service can also help your (Korean) company to export your products or services to EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

Our professional services focus on ICT products/services, chemical products and specific consumer products.


We are a group of experts who have long experience of trading between Korean and European market for our major focused industries.

We will guide you to local clients and we will help you to boost your export and we will also help you to create sustainable business and profit by our service. We are very trasparent to you for all business activities and we are handling your business in discreet manner.

OUR Expertises

ICT products/service

- Mobile security and Mobile Service

- Speech & Sound products

- AI Technology products

- Medical IT 

Chemical Products

- Prime and recycled products

Consumer Products

- K-Business related consumer products


Our goal is to maximise benefits of product providers and buyers fairly and sustainablely together. We are aiming for fair and mutually profitable business between suppliers and buyers. 

We will keep our service level high to keep our clients be pleased to work with us and we will continuously help our clients to expand their existance in the target market. 

Contact US

If you want to work with us or you want to get our professional service, you can send a message to <>


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